Pan at The Hill

The Hill is the place where Pan and Lalla and a few friends are living.
The Hill is a meeting place for friends in spirit.
Every month Pan opens his house to people for a "Spiritual Friends Retreat" to share his experience with meditation and give people the possibility to come to know a way of living in inner peace and contentment.

A Vision of Compassion
The essential message of all meetings, retreats, and events that happen around Pan and Lalla: To live compassion is the foundation for contributing to the expansion of consciousness on this planet. We would like to turn on all of our spiritual friends, and everybody else who can feel this, to live with this intention. An immense joy and a great contentment arises in everybody who dedicates his/her life to this task. Wherever a being vibrates with compassionate love all actions that arise out of it are a sacred blessing. To live in this spirit is the highest creativity and the most valuable contribution to all life on this planet.

Spiritual Friendship
The most free, simple and beautiful way of relating with people is friendship. To be friends in spirit is the meeting of the essential, one can also call it the meeting of souls, or beings.
To us, Lalla and Pan, spiritual friendship means accepting everybody the way they are. There are no exceptions, no shoulds, no aims to change somebody. Friends in spirit means for us freedom and respecting everybody's freedom to live life the way one chooses.
We feel very grateful to be connected to many friends who are on their individual way to discover what we call the Buddha nature.
The Buddha nature is hidden inside of everybody. To support people to discover it is our expression of spiritual friendship. The discovery of one's own inner potential, or in other words, the Buddha nature is a creative, playful way of living. To celebrate this play with friends is a great blessing.
Love, life, laughter, easiness and playfulness is what we received in abundance from our master Osho. To share this with friends is the greatest blessing we could find in our life.
You are heartily welcome to come and get a taste of it.

The Spiritual Friends Retreat
Spiritual friendship is a gateway to the dimension of melting, dissolving, realizing, beyond the realms of mind. This is only possible if the personal mind or in other words the mind that is identified with itself is transcended. Whenever the mind is empty the inner space is open to receive the graceful blessings of the name- and formless. Then the Buddha nature can be realized.

The Spiritual Friends Retreat is designed to prepare the ground for this miracle to happen. The retreat consists of Osho meditations, tribal and tantric techniques, invented by Pan and the Dakinis. A rich blend of meditation techniques, inspired by the spirit of Tantra, Tao, Zen, the Sufis and also the modern spiritual growth movements, is integrated in the happening. The retreats include daily meetings with Pan. The retreat is open to everybody interested to experience a unique spiritual happening.

Visit to Campo de Corazones in Uruguay
Pan and Lalla are from November 24 until April 26 in Uruguay for a visit to the commune at Campo de Corazones.
There will be Meetings and other public events. More information will follow soon, on

The Retreats at The Hill continue in the absence of Pan and Lalla. The dates:
December 29 - January 1 (New Year Retreat)
January 19-21
February 16-18
March 16-18
April 13-15
May 10-13 (Extra Long Spring Retreat and first Retreat with Pan and Lalla after their return from Uruguay!)

Blog Pan
Pan has a blog, called 'Friends in Spirit', where he shares about his journey through life, from wherever he is. The link to the blog is:

About Pan
Pan became an Osho-sannyassin in 1975 and is sharing his being since 17 years with people. His latest creation is what he calls the Spiritual Friends Retreats. You are welcome to have a taste of this unique spiritual work-play.

About Lalla
Lalla was born in Japan. She became an Osho-sannyassin in 1988 in Pune, India. In 2001 Lalla joined the creation around Pan. Since 2003, she lives and shares life in closeness with Pan.

Pan has written several booklets. Also cd's with music composed and performed by friends of Pan and Lalla are available.
For more information scroll to the end of this page.

Telephone number:
Giegenberg 2, 36160 Dipperz, Germany
+49 (0)6657 6392



Riding the Tiger - Learning the art of Neopantra

"Instead of repressing and controlling your vitality, allow it, live it and bring awareness into it. The more consciously you move into it, the more aliveness, joyfulness, fearlessness, lovingness and intelligence arises in you. Living your vitality or sexuality consciously is like riding on a tiger and burning with the fire of total aliveness. By living your sexual vitality consciously you reintegrate the power, the intuitive senses and the wild nature of the instinctive forces into yourself. Being fully aware on the immense powerful energies which are alive in your body-mind-system is the fuel to move into higher consciousness, into unconditional love, into the unknown beyond the mind. Only with the fully alive, unrestricted vitality awakening into spiritual rebellion, into absolute freedom from the past is possible. The freed and consciously lived vitality is the foundation of a New Woman, a New Man, of a new consciousness on this planet.
Neopantra is an intuitive art and technique to provoke the full potential of aliveness and the spiritual awakening in individuals."

Sex Love Consciousness - The Return of the Great Goddess

"One of the most important changes in the spiritual approach in this world is the return of the Great Goddess. The Goddess of universal love and divine beauty. Humans need to understand that the only intelligent way of living is being receptive. The principle of what I call the Great Goddess is the female approach to life. To give the highest principle a male attitude was a great mistake. It created an aggressive humanity which became more and more destructive. The principle of creating is female. All life comes out of a womb and is in the care of great compassion and patience. The quality of love is care and understanding. To be in tune with nature is the understanding that creation is perfect the way it is. To improve nature is in most of the cases blind and stupid since it is perfect. Improving proved so many times a great disaster. We need to learn to be very careful with our actions. We need to learn to care also for the well-being of future generations. Only receptivity is open, patient and non-egoistic enough for looking carefully into the different possibilities before acting. We are here for taking care of the creation and not for using and abusing it for our short-sighted egoistic interests. The female approach to life proved so many times more wise than the fighting and impatient male attitude. The return of the Great Goddess is the shift to the more wise, creative and intelligent way of sharing and caring for life and the welfare of all beings on this planet, including the plant and animal world."

Neopantra - The Dance of Paradoxes

"The unfolding of the potential in everybody depends on one's receptivity. Neopantra is the essence of the various old tantric ways; it is a creation for the people of our days, a way of living spirituality in the 21st century. But certain things are timeless and will never change. The most important attitude is receptivity. This is the basic requirement for any tantric approach, new or old, it makes no difference. It is obvious that the universe, or existence, is a womb. It gives birth to endless forms, it is an unlimited creative force..."

The Universal Medicine Virus
Short essence sentences for daily practice.

"Today you are the one who is able to expand in love and awareness. Doubt it and it won't happen.
Accept it and it starts to happen RIGHT NOW!"

"Repression poisons. Expression heals. Awareness takes beyond."