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Pan’s Birthday Celebration

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October Retreat

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Summer Retreat 2018

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Be authentic

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Friday June 8, 2018

To live an authentic life one has to find out what one really wants to live.

One has to live one’s ideas, no matter what.

Throw away all spiritual concepts and ideals, be authentic.

Do not bother if others call it egoistic, eccentric, crazy etc.

Find out on your own.

If one represses one’s wishes, desires, one stops learning and growing.

Do not look for the approval of anybody.

Have the courage to follow your own star.

Only by living according to one’s inner wishes one can find one’s original way through this life.


Perhaps it proves futile, then it is your authentic understanding.

Perhaps you find fulfillment, then this too is your original understanding.

Certain desires, not fulfilled longings, brought us here into this world.

Now take the chance.

Live it.

Go for it.

Only you can find out what is your original authentic way to live a content and joyous life.

Take the freedom to live whatsoever is your deepest wish.

This life is a gift for you to discover and live it in your original way.


The Hill Ashram

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Sunday April 29, 2018

Time for a new play.

The Hill is transforming into an ashram.

A place for devotion, a sacred place for transformation and meditation.

The devotion is to the transcendence of the mind and the awakening to ones Buddha nature.

The Hill ashram is a place where friends support each other to discover their unlimited potential of the inner being.



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Monday February 19, 2018

The next phase that Pan and Lalla are heading for is what we call the Ashram play.

An ashram is a place for a spiritual retreat.

It is a place for people who want to awaken from the dream of the conceptual dualistic mind.

The only hindrance for being in the here and now, to be simply present, is the belief in the always moving mind. Mind moves like a pendulum from one extreme to the next extreme.

Only in the present moment mind stops, no thoughts can move.

To be centered in the moment is to be centered in no mind and a deep relaxation and easy playfulness follows it like a shadow. An ashram is a place for learning through unlearning.

It is a place for fellow travelers, a place for spiritual friendship where people support each other to be in the here and now.


Awareness is the key

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Saturday February 17, 2018

Mind is struggle, effort, tension, distrust.

No-mind is peace, easiness, relaxation, trust.

There are many doors to the no-mind, but without the key called awareness they do not open.

When one has that incredible luck to be with a master, one has found the master key to awareness.

Awareness is to be rooted in the here and now.

Once this happens, it expands silently and everything in life becomes a door to no-mind.

Then more and more a relaxed easiness arises and one crystallizes slowly in the stillness of the no-mind.


Another little reminder

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Tuesday February 13, 2018

Another little reminder, good to remember.

After reflecting on the master-guru play, it appeared that the other part in the play, the disciple, is also quite unknown to the western, modern mind.

When one says disciple, the common misunderstanding is lower, minor. The mind thinks in hierarchies, in positions.

So hardly anybody knows what a disciple is, unless one has really been one.

Disciple means the readiness to learn, one is ready to learn.

The master-disciple relation is a spiritual love affair, the deepest relation possible, a communion of beings. The disciple dissolves into the master, the guru, who just represents the universal soul, the beyond, in human form.

To be a true disciple is a great ripening, it is to die to one’s conceptual mind.

One dies into the master, the guru, in deep trust and the resurrection happens silently, on its own.

One is twice born.

The soul is born, the beingness, the no-mind silently arises.