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Shift in attitude

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Friday October 11, 2019

A few fundamental changes need to happen for a new civilization on this planet.

Change from fight to compassion, from competition to cooperation and sharing, from profit and technology first to protecting nature first, from material growth to spiritual growth.

This shift in attitude is only possible in a shift in consciousness starting in individuals.

As long as individuals live ruled by a fear-mind, they are in a state of feeling disconnected from existence.

The feeling of being separate from existence creates fear, need, greed, scarcity, etcetera.
In other words, the egoistic state of mind.

The egoistic state of mind is distrustful, fear-based and subconsciously most of the time in a survival struggle, which creates stress in the whole system.

The survival-stress-chemistry results in an attitude of fighting, competing, wanting more and more.

A change in this vicious circle can only happen through transcending the fear-mind and realizing the oneness of all things.

Only then one can live in trust and relaxed.

Sharing, caring, compassion and a deeply felt oneness with existence, being present in the here and now, is then just a natural happening.

Only an evolution in consciousness can create a new human being and, if this happens in many, it has an influence on the collective level.

Through an evolution in consciousness in a few millions of individuals a different civilization, based on compassion, sharing and caring, can arise.

Pan and Lalla

Life is change

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Tuesday October 1, 2019

The 11-year solar cycle is changing and the sun has a great influence on all life.

It’s time for change.

If ruled by a fear mind, change is considered as dangerous, because it moves into the not-known, which makes the mind insecure.

The common reaction is ignoring, denying, holding on and clinging to the known.

People who are more centered in spirit live in trust.

When one lives in trust, change is welcomed as a new opportunity, an adventure, an exploring of new not-known possibilities.

Life is change. It always moves from the known to the unknown.

Life is the manifestation of consciousness and consciousness expands in a never-ending evolution.

To welcome change is creative, is embracing the evolution in consciousness.

Whenever there is a wave of global change in the air, it is a great time for transformation and to move into the transcendental.

It’s a great time and opportunity to awaken to the universal spirit.

We all together as inhabitants of this planet can awaken to contribute to an evolution in consciousness.

A consciousness which is rooted in the oneness of all that exists.

A consciousness which is global and universal, where the times of separation are completely outdated.

Pan and Lalla


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Tuesday October 1, 2019

Whenever a civilization lost its roots in nature, it lost the spirit.

Once a civilization lost the spirit, a spiritual emergency is the result.

An uprootedness is happening, people feel lost and do not know why they are here, for what and what for to live.

In that vacuum all kinds of mad ideas appear, which give no contentment.

Not finding contentment creates a painful inner emptiness.

This emptiness the mind tries to fill with consuming, distractions, fanatic ideas, money, power, fame etcetera.

But none of these give peace and contentment.

So the need and greed for more, bigger and greater grows immensely and created the industrial civilization, based on growth. This growth is finite and it has come to its limit.

This madness sooner or later becomes an ecological emergency.

So here we are, our global civilization is in a spiritual, ecological crisis.

This crisis is a crossroads, we all have the choice to awaken to the one universal spirit or destroy the nature we depend on to live in human form.

To awaken to the universal spirit is to feel and understand deeply that nature and all that exists is the manifestation of the one universal spirit.

To live daily in that realization ends the spiritual and ecological crisis.

A content human being finds creative ways to live a simple life where the basic needs to keep the body healthy and alive are taken care of.

The ecological footprint becomes small again, returning more and more to the natural cycle.

It’s just a question that many individuals come out of the spiritual emergency.

Perhaps the global emergency, the global crises which still increase, is preparing the ground for a new and in the same time ancient understanding.

What is urgently needed in our days is an evolution in consciousness and it is also happening.

But it is by its nature a silent revolution in individuals.

Collectively the intuitive vibration of ‘we need to change’ is a good sign that the old ways of a very egoistic civilization are fading out.

The recent global civilization is at a crossroads: collapse or a fundamental change.

Looks like both happens simultaneously.

The signs for this are there.

Now it depends on each individual’s contribution.

Pan and Lalla

Change your inner climate

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Tuesday October 1, 2019

The facts that there is a change happening in the global climate are more and more difficult to ignore.

Natural or man-made, it causes on an overpopulated planet severe problems for which no country is prepared.

The problems are existential for huge numbers of people and the poor part of the world is hit first. The rich part of the world gets also affected and hit sooner or later. The world is one.

To make this complex happening as easy as possible to understand, the phrase of Greta Thunberg “our house is on fire” is at many places on the earth actual.

One can put it also like Harrison Ford, pointing at the burning Amazons: “when a room in your house is on fire, the house is on fire”.

The public discussion that is recently happening is getting quite grotesque.

So here we are, there is a fire in our house and we discuss who has started it.

Is it a natural happening or was it through human activity, or is it just a few flames, actually no problem at all?

Some of our ‘intelligent species’ look in another direction and announce there is no fire, it’s all normal.

Wow, we humans are a great species.

When we are through with our discussion and maybe come to a consensus, maybe we start on a global scale to do something about the ‘burning’ problems. In other words, we risk to be too late.

So what to do, beloved reader?

Start now to change your consuming habits.

Question for yourself what do you really need?

The permanent discontentment, which goes along with an unnatural way of living, has created the bottomless need to consume.

Start to investigate into your inner climate.

Start to change your inner climate.

Discover your inner nature, discover what is natural for a human being.

To change something in the outer has to start from within.

There is no time to waste when the house is on fire.

Start to change now, start with yourself.

Pan and Lalla

A simple solution

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Sunday September 29, 2019

Climate change, destruction of nature, mass extinction, pollution, etcetera needs urgently an evolution and expansion in consciousness. The answer is awakening now. Real solutions can only rise out of presence, out of consciousness, where we deeply feel the oneness of all that exists. We need to protect nature. We need to re-discover our inner nature. Only then we truly understand the outer nature and the oneness of all things.

One of the practical solutions for climate change, destruction of the environment etcetera is to make our ecological footprint as small as possible. A simple solution is sharing. In other words, to live together in communes. A commune is basically sharing on a daily level what humans need in our days, which means housing, energy, transport, jobs, money. Besides a massive reduction in the consumption of energy and matter through sharing, there are many other ecological, economic, social, psychological and creative advantages. For example, sharing the daily work like cooking, cleaning, shopping, maintenance, improving, etcetera gives everybody more time to be creative. More time to be together in daily meetings, to find creative solutions for whatsoever challenge comes up. One of the main blessings of commune living is to share life with your friends every day. Loneliness, feeling isolated, having nobody to speak to, nobody to share a hug, disappears completely from your life. Remember, together we can create miracles, we can make the impossible possible.

If you feel interested to learn more about commune living, you can contact Tara.

Pan and Lalla

Nature does not need us

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Sunday September 29, 2019

Besides the fact of a change in the climate, a few facts to the recent discussion about whether it is man-made, natural or not existing at all.
At the point where our civilization has arrived this discussion is completely irrelevant.
Because factually our civilization has been destroying nature on such a massive scale that this on its own is already an increasingly urgent and ongoing crisis.
Complete eco-systems are collapsing and enormous amounts of species become extinct every year. Micro-plastic is everywhere, including in human bodies. No real solutions for toxic, chemical and atomic waste. Massive destruction of forests and fertile soil for profit and comfortable consuming of a minority of the people on this planet.  Exploiting the resources of the planet in non-sustainable ways, poisoning the food chain with pesticides and artificial fertilizers, water and air pollution, and so on, the list is endless.

Our civilization, especially in the rich world and all the huge cities of this planet, has moved so far away from anything natural, which means sustainable, that it is heading towards a collapse.
For human beings to exist, it needs a healthy nature. To throw it out of balance, is to throw every living organism out of balance. We are in the middle of this crisis and we know it. But who is ready to change something, starting now?

Please friends, remember, we humans need nature! Nature does not need us! (quote from Harrison Ford)
It’s high time to wake up and change our ways of living on this planet.
Change starts inside of you through expanding in awareness, in sensitivity to be aware of the bigger picture. We need to expand our awareness to a global consciousness.

Pan and Lalla

New inspiration

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Sunday September 29, 2019

For a long time no new writing happened on the blog.

Encouraging a friend to write for the blog so far did not take off.
The offer is still valid. Our friend is still welcome to write, if it happens.

Howsoever, watching the latest happenings in the world and speaking about it with friends, the writing got inspired and started to happen.

Lalla and Pan would like to share this with you.

Pan and Lalla

Initiation Benjamin

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