Leaving the known behind – Dejando atrás lo conocido

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Saturday November 11, 2017

Whatsoever we focus on is what is going to happen to us.

When one is concerned only with one’s so called self, one becomes isolated in the concept of me or I. One becomes, as Alan Watts describes the common state of people, a Skin-Encapsulated Ego. So, since ancient days the wise recommend to put one’s focus on something beyond the concept of me or I.

The two options that I recommend to my friends are simple.
One is to focus your energy on expanding in witnessing or self-observation.
The other option is to focus your energy on unconditional love. In other words, sharing love and friendship and deepening in just watching and totally accepting that what is.

Beyond the conceptual mind, one enters the realm of expanding awareness and unfolding compassion. To move deeper and deeper into this dimension is leaving the known behind.

To move continuously into the unknown, which is a space inside of us, dissolves the limited suffering creating identification with the concept of the me, the I.

The one who moves continuously into the not-known, will soon no more be found.

One can enter this infinite inner space and disappear in its peacefulness silently forever.

We need continuously to remember that we are here in this life to learn, to discover the paradox of beingness without somebody to claim it.

So please friends remember again and again, what for you are living.

You need to create the purpose of your life yourself.

As the Upanishads say: as a man acts, so does he become. As a man’s desire is, so is his destiny.



Sábado, 11 de noviembre de 2017

En aquello en donde enfocamos nuestra energía, es lo que nos sucede.

Cuando uno está preocupado con lo que podemos llamar uno mismo, uno se queda aislado en el concepto de yo o de uno mismo. Uno se vuelve, tal como Alan Watts denomina el estado común de la gente un Ego Encapsulado en Piel. Por tanto desde la antigüedad, los sabios recomiendan enfocarnos en algo más allá el concepto de yo o de mí.

Las dos opciones que yo recomiendo a mis amigos son simples.

Una es enfocar su energía en expandir la auto observación llamado también el testigo.

La otra es dirigir nuestra energía hacia el amor incondicional. O sea, compartir amor y amistad más profundamente solamente observando y aceptando completamente lo que es.

Más allá de la mente conceptual, uno entra en el terreno de una consciencia plena que se expande y una compasión que se despliega. Moverse más y más dentro de esta dimensión es dejar atrás lo conocido.

El movernos continuamente hacia lo desconocido, un espacio que está dentro de nosotros mismos, disuelve el limitado sufrimiento que crea la identificación con mí mismo, con el yo.

El yo que se mueve continuamente hacia lo no conocido pronto no podrá ser percibido más.

Debemos recordar todo el tiempo que estamos aquí en esta vida para aprender, para descubrir la paradoja de ser sin que haya alguien a cargo.

Por tanto amigos, recuerden una y otra vez, aquello para lo que están vivos.
Necesitan crear el propósito de vuestras vidas por Uds. mismos.

Como dicen los Upanishads: Como un hombre actúa, así se vuelve. Como un hombre desea, así es su destino.

Con amor,

2 thoughts on “Leaving the known behind – Dejando atrás lo conocido

  1. Ari

    I mistook “expanding in witnessing or self-observation” with constantly using an analytical mind to question myself and others. I became a Therapeut. Some days ago I realized what I’m doing and how it sucks away joy and aliveness out of everything. I became ‘neutral’. It feels safe and secure, because nothing happens in neutrality and I probably needed it for a while to get a strong footing after leaving my inner hell and to collect new strength. Now I need to trust in my intuition again and throw myself back into the intense density of feeling and passion. The inner critique needs go. I don’t want to hide behind the unnecessary safety of neutrality anymore. Part of me feels frightened. There is this feeling “what if” all the old dramas and sufferings will appear again if I let go.

  2. Zorba

    I would like to share with my friends that out here in the big ocean I experiment with physical world and Yes, whatsoever I focus on is happening to me and when I dare to put my focus onto the unknown the unknown misteriously unfolds.
    Thank you Pan.


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