The mirror of life

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Friday January 26, 2017

Life is a mirror. It always shows us our state, what we are from moment to moment.

In whatsoever situation we find ourselves, it is created by ourselves, knowing it or not.

The seeds we sow is the harvest we get.

The mind wants to believe in the circumstances. It wants to put its unconscious creation on the outer.

Mind is always ready to blame its surroundings, the people, life is not treating me fair, etcetera.

The reality is that in the mirror of life all is very simple and clear.

The conscious acts create certain effects, as well as the unconscious acts.

So when things are going beautiful it’s the effect of consciousness.

When things are going difficult, disappointing etcetera, it’s the effect of unconsciousness.

In any case, we are the circumstances and its side-effects ourselves.

Everybody is responsible for whatsoever happens to them.

Nobody ever does something to anybody.

It’s all our own doing that creates the situation we find ourselves in.

The mirror of life shows it every day. One needs only to look inside of oneself every day and one gets a clear reflection on one’s state of mind.

The outer just makes the inner visible.

Once one lives beyond the grip of the dualistic mind the mirror of life shows every day the perfection of universal consciousness, playing on every level of existence.


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