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Sunday February 4, 2018

To drop the personality, to live without a certain character is to be natural.

Only then one lives ones originality, when one is natural again.

We are all born with our natural originality, but we have to lose it.

It’s the human journey.

The personality and its characteristics are unnatural.

It is the side-effect of the impressions created by society, childhood influences and not dissolved karmic resonances.

This whole strange blend is like a hologram which appears as our personality and its characeristics.

It’s a false, not real appearance.

It is not our original, individuality. We just believe it, since we have forgotten the original source. The originality only is discovered again when the whole mind with all its impressions, believes and concepts is transcended.

Only then one is a simple individual again and lives its natural originality in a humble, friendly and loving way.


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